HEPEX Workshops & Meetings

HEPEX Workshops & Meetings

Upcoming HEPEX Workshops & related meetings

Most Recent HEPEX Workshops and Co-organized sessions

  • The Early Career HEPEX (EC-HEPEX) initiative kick-off meeting took place on 7th May. More information coming soon!
  • The Joint H SAF/HEPEX workshop ‘Satellite inspired hydrology in an uncertain future’ tool take place at ECMWF in Reading UK on 25-28 November 2019. More about the workshop here.
  • There were two sessions co-organized with HEPEX during the IUGG and IAHS Symposia, which took place in Montreal, Canada, from 8 to 18 July 2019: “H14 – Sub-Seasonal to Seasonal Predictions: Skill and Limits for Decision-Based Forecasting” and “H15 – Short-Range Hydrometeorological Forecasting”. A live feedback was provided and can be read here.
  • The 2018 HEPEX workshop took place in Melbourne, Australia in February 2018.

Past HEPEX Workshops

Click here to access information and presentations from past HEPEX workshops.